Alarms & Access Control Systems


Electronic Property Protection provides alarms systems to suit our clients’ needs; our range of solutions can be hard wired, wireless or a combination of both.

It’s recognized that a well thought out alarm configuration lies at the heart of effective security management.  Electronic Property Protection has a history of industry leading alarm systems design addressing the specific needs of individual and complex client business practices.  It is a comforting assurance to new clients that our experience of solving these difficult security alarm problems gives Electronic Property Protection an edge that others cannot match.

Having designed the best system, taking it from the drawing board to your premises is the next challenge.  It is the care Electronic Property Protection takes at this vital alarm installation stage that can make the difference between a good idea and a great result.  Our high client satisfaction rate attests to our success in this.

Utilising the VERY BEST in detection devices, Electronic Property Protection offers a complete integrated Alarm solution with Access Control and CCTV.

Electronic Property Protection has simple to advanced Alarm systems providing a level of protection and peace of mind you require in a Business Alarmed Solution.   Electronic Property Protection installs a range of alarms to suit your needs including Tecom Challenger, DAS, Reliance and Ness.

Access Control

Access Control provides information, control and protection, with features such as restricting access, tracking, auditing, time and attendance.  Electronic Property Protection can design and install a range of access control solutions, from a simple access control system for a small commercial premise, through to the largest enterprise systems with hundreds of access points.

Electronic Property Protection installs a variety of access control systems, these include:

  • Tecom Challenger