Electronic Fire systems

Smoke Alarms are Essential

There are three reasons why you need to have at least one smoke alarm installed in your premises:

  1. It’s the law
  2. It can save your life
  3. It can save your property
  4. Smoke alarms are very extremely important safety devices. Without a smoke alarm the risk of death caused by fire in your home is three times greater than if you did have a smoke detector installed.

In NSW around three-quarters of all home fire deaths occur in homes that do not have smoke alarms.  Furthermore around 50% of all deaths caused by smoke happen when the family is sleeping.

Smoke alarms are very effective in providing an early warning of fire.  By detecting smoke in your home or business the smoke alarms alert you to the danger early thus giving you a better chance of escape.

Families have a much greater protection from the dangers of fire with a smoke detector – and it is a relatively low cost purchase and installation job.

Positioning of Smoke Alarms

It is important that your smoke alarms are installed in the correct positions in your home or office.  In general smoke detecting devices should be installed on (or near to) the ceiling in hallways and areas near bedrooms.  If you have several levels to your home or business you need to install smoke detectors on each level.

Its also important not to install smoke alarms in various areas.  Don’t for example have your smoke alarm installed near doors, air conditioners or fans.  Smoke alarms located in these areas will be less